Here's the summation of the recent LOAD SHOW @LAX
Started out with loads of blather..

Can't believe the amount of time spent on mundane, insignificant issues.

An S80 CA (Dan M.) got to the microphone, delivered a moving speech regarding the real issue here, which is defending our profession. When he finished, I stood up and began clapping for his message and his great efforts. Honestly, 95% of the room stood up and joined me clapping "loud and proud".

When we sat down, I yelled out "meeting adjourned" which got many laughs.
But the tone was set and it was downhill for the suits the rest of the day.

Another pilot who obviously was well versed in the details of the TA was highly incensed regarding Medical Disability issues. During the Q & A session, Bates announced it was imperative that he join a conference call that had been scheduled. This pilot grabbed the mic and yelled "Ohhhhh Nooo you don't! You think we are going to sit and listen for 2 hours to your presentation and now you duck out when the questions come?"
This rattled Bates a bit and he looked quite uncertain of how to react.
The crowd had no problem reacting to that.
They gave the man a deserved round of applause.

From what I have read on C & R, other Road Shows may have gone without a whimper but the boys and girls in LAX gave this group some attitude to reckon with.

This ain't no party....!

This ain't no disco....!

....and this certainly ain't no turkey shoot for the suits pushing the YES.